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From : My Money Healing

Increase Your Vibration Using Energetic Affirmations
Have Your Ever Used Energetic Affirmations?

They are completely different from regular affirmations that you simply recite.

Everything is energy! Even words carry their own energetic frequencies. If your energy is not a match to what you want to create in your life, those things cannot manifest for you. Period.

Learn the Powerful 4-Step Energetic Affirmation process for dissolving blocks and resistance, setting intentions for your life and increasing your vibration to match the energetic properties of your desires!

Claim This Course & Align Your Personal Energy With The Life You Want!
Value = $47

From : Your Best Life Tools

Energy Encoded Mantras For Triumphant Outcomes!
Guess what? Living the life of your dreams is actually your birthright! It's why you came here!

This powerful audio is embedded with several forms of energy healing to help clear your blocks to experiencing successful and triumphant outcomes!

And it's all packed into a serene and uplifting meditation experience.
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From : Path To Abundance

Create Your Perfect Body!
Allow this gift to help dissolve your energetic blocks to creating your perfect body the easy way with simple, yet powerful reprogramming tools.

As a result, you will become in immediate energetic resonance with the body of your dreams!

With This Gift You Will:

* Reprogram your subconscious mind to align with your vision of your perfect body

* Begin to release your old, limiting beliefs about your body

* Learn to love your beautiful body exactly as it is right now thereby allowing for the changes you wish to make

* Practice simple techniques that will allow you to begin believing that anything is possible (because it is!)

* Learn how to stay motivated as you take the journey toward creating your perfect body

* And so much more!

Value = $47

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